Fun with children this Diwali

One of the ways to make this Diwali memorable for children is to do fun activities with them. Children don’t really expect too much, all they want is some of their parent’s time.
With 10 days left for Diwali, why not try some new crafts with the children? In my household, we try to make a few new crafts each year that we include in our Diwali gifts which we give to our friends or items we add to our own home Diwali decor.
Living in the Himalayan town of Nainital, we knew it was Dussehra due to the loud Sharadotsav (Fall festival) noise that would echo through the mountains. Uttrakhand has the oldest tradition of enacting the Ramayana which we call – the Ram Lila. For 9 days the very capable actors enact the Ramayana and then on the tenth day, the actor who plays Ram burns the Ravan effigy. In October – November the weather in Nainital is very cold, yet most families would spend the evening seeing the enactment or listening to the melodious voices of our Pahadi (mountain people) talent.

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The beauty of being an adult is that we can make our own traditions and include things from our childhood. Living in North America I’ve witnessed so much diversity in our celebrations that it is truly a treat! We see the Ravan burning, but also got introduced to  Durga Puja, Ganesh Pooja and Golu festival!

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We have started a tradition where we make a Ravan each year during Dussehra and on the day of Dussehra my son and husband burn the Ravan in the backyard.

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With Halloween around the corner, there are so many DIY activities that can be linked together with Diwali which also happens around the same time. Here is a glimpse of some of the crafts made by Ved and his friends.

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If you aren’t very ‘crafty’ then how about doing the Diwali preparations together also makes quite a difference. The basic point is to make memories of- doing things TOGETHER!

This year we have started enacting the story of Diwali (Ram & Ravan) with stick puppets. If you have a great Diwali tradition please do share with us. For the past 2 years my son cleans up his room all by himself and finds a toonie under his pillow from Goddess Lakshmi on the morning of Diwali, for his good job. This year since he will be older I am going to be a taskmaster and have him help out in other areas too. Festivals mean family participation and not Mommy or Daddy running around trying to finish errands, it should be a family affair.

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Whatever you decide to do, from crafts to doing cleaning, making laddoos or shopping just make it fun. Also, don’t forget to read Ved and Friends Celebrate Dussehra and Diwali!

DIY Crafts

Diwali Couple

MAditieet Aditi: Aditi is in the 6th grade and loves creating things from robots to crafts, she does them all. An avid reader she loves reading books.

Aditi had a lot of fall decorations in her house and decided to re-use some of the things for other purposes. The fall scarecrow was one of the things she decided to reuse to make it into a Diwali Couple.


Things you need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Old chunari or long cloth
  • 2 Scarecrows



  • Take the scarecrows and take off the hat, bows and bow tie.
  • On the boy scarecrow reposition the straw hair to cover the bald patch and then glue it together.
  • Cut the chunari or long cloth into 2 pieces, then further cut one of the pieces into half again.
  • Use the longest cloth and tie 2 ends of it to the waist of the girl scarecrow and then pleat it as you would a saree.


  • With one of the other halves pleat it and using a saftey pin, pin one end to the back of the  girl scarecrow. the other end should be taken over the opposite shoulder and the again pinned at the back.


  • Now with the remaining half cut it into these pieces which makes the body of the kurta and the seelves of the boy scarecrow.


  • Glue the edge of the sleeves so that it looks neat. Now glue the sleeves to the scarecrow and after that put the kurta on and glue the sides. You can use saftey pins instead of glue if you like.
  • Aditi used the old waist coat from the original boy scarecrow again to give more color.


  • Use the left over golden boarder or gota to make bangles and ribbon for the girl scarecrow.
  • Once everything is dry you can decorate it at your desired spot. You can add a bindi – red dot on the forehead of the girl scarecrow.




DIY Diwali Lamp


Meet Aman – Aman enjoys doing crafts and colour, that’s one of his passions. He enjoys reading and watching Indian mythological stories just like curious George.





  • Use a kitchen roll and paste a craft paper over it. 21081766_10155527866866000_505984609_o21057899_10155527866936000_1404650793_o
  • Using 3 different shades of craft paper, at 1 cm difference draw lines on the craft paper, leaving 1.5 cms on the top and bottom.


  • Now glue the 2 colored craft paper together at a difference of one string.










  • Glue the green and orange craft paper to the kitchen roll from both ends.










  • On another craft paper cut the paper into long 1 cm lines leaving 1.5 cm on the top intact. 21082165_10155527867931000_1546414718_o
  • Glue this craft paper to the one end of the kicthen roll. On the other end and then on the other end attach it with a string to hold it firmly.



DIY Diwali Candle



Kids intro photo
Ved’s Friends and DIY Buddies Ishan and Aman

Meet Ishan – Ishan enjoys Indian festivities especially the delicious delicacies that the festive season brings with it.  He loves playing basketball and American football.

Meet Aman –
Aman enjoys doing crafts and colour, that’s one of his passions. He enjoys reading and watching Indian mythological stories just like curious George.





  • From a paper sheet, cut 3 cm strips and glue them at an angle. Fold the strips in this manner.


  • Now this will form an accordion. Cut the excess paper and then glue the two strips together.


  • Cut a small flame from a cardstock and a larger one of the same shape in a contrasting color
    Larger Sized Flame

    Smaller Sized Flame







  • Stick the two different sizes of flames together.
  • Stick the end of the flame to the accordion and your candle is ready!