About Diksha

Diksha Pal NarayanTelevision producer, columnist and author Diksha Pal Narayan has made her mark in the Canadian and Indian television industries as a producer of shows for the South Asian community. She has been producing television programs for a number of years.

Diksha’s initial foray into media was in NDTV (New Delhi Television), one of the most famous  news channels in India. As a member of NDTV Metro Nation, she worked on several high profile international and local stories. An integral part of the NDTV team, Diksha brought her knowledge and ability as an online editor to the forefront to help Metro Nation become a very successful channel in New Delhi.

IMG_314045614211133After moving to Canada in 2009, Diksha spearheaded two popular programs during her term as producer at Rogers TV Mississauga: the weekly topic-based show South Asian Focus TV, and the weekly news bulletin First Local in Hindi. Her ability and passion for producing shows of the highest quality has earned her the respect of the South Asian community in the GTA.

Diksha and her husband Karthik won the Marty’s Jury Choice Award in the Emerging Artists Category in 2013.


Diksha won the diamond award in Children’s entertainment category for her weekly storytime sessions in 2022 and the platinum award for the same category in 2020.

Readers Choice Award 2022

Platinum winner

Diksha was a regular columnist for the South Asian weekly papers Star Buzz and South Asian Generation Next. Her columns showcase local establishments, personalities and topics in the GTA.

IMG_313908432627956canadian voices

While Diksha was an aspiring author, she successfully published a short story in the compendium ‘Canadian Voices Volume 2’.

Her first book was Ved and Friends Celebrate Dussehra and Diwali  this was published in 2017.

Ved’s Little Book on Devotion was launched by Milton MP Mr. Parm Gill in 2018.

While her third book Ved and Friends Investigate, Your Family was launched in 2020.

Diksha’s latest book No No Nana is tells of the beautiful relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.


Besides her weekly columns, she has worked with OMNI Television as a reporter for Badhai Ho and  South Asian News, and on other programming at OMNI, from reporting to script writing.