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Raising culturally aware children in the North American continent can be challenging at times. Finding content available catering to this need is equally challenging.  Journalist and TV Producer Diksha Pal Narayan began to explore the idea of ‘creating’ the desired content when she was unable to find the content she was looking for.


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Diksha’s 3rd book Ved and Friends Investigate Your Family is an activity book ensuring children bring out their inner detectives and try to know more about their family. This activity book hopes to be a bonding exercise for the entire family. The children (or adults) try and trace their roots with the help of their elders. While doing so, the children get a glimpse of their parents’ and grandparents’ lives and create new memories with them in the process.

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Diksha’s second book Ved’s Little Book on Devotion is a lovely picture book for younger children to understand the basic elements of Hinduism.

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Diksha started ‘The Ved and Friends Series’ to give voice to South Asian Culture in North America with fun short stories where Ved and his friends experience the rich and vibrant South Asian festivals. Diksha’s experience working in the Canadian media, helped her come up with a tailor-made experience for both children and their parents. ved

Ved and Friends Celebrate Dussehra and Diwali is her first book in the series, which was launched by the Consul General of India, Toronto Mr. Dinesh Bhatia. Ved’s Little Book on Devotion was launched by Milton MP Mr. Parm Gill

Ved and Friends Celebrate Dussehra and Diwali Launched by Consul General of India, Toronto Mr. Dinesh Bhatia (2017)
Ved’s Little Book on Devotion Launched by Milton MP Mr. Parm Gill (2018)


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Every family has a story (a whole lot of stories, actually), and “Investigate Your Family” is the perfect way to explore and capture yours. Diksha Pal-Narayan has created a lighthearted, accessible guide for aspiring genealogists of all ages. Colourable, customizable, and fun, the workbook invites readers to explore their own history and identity, and really connect with previous generations. It embraces a diverse range of family structures, and explores the importance of arts, history and culture in understanding ourselves. It’s something the whole family can create together, and would be an amazing keepsake when completed.

Amy Leask, Author, Zoom In, Zoom Out and the ThinkAboutIt: Philosophy For Kids series.

Diksha’s book is just what we need in times such as these when families are scattered across the globe, and we almost know nothing about where we came from. This is the sort of book which every young person must be armed with as they go unearthing wondrous family treasures! Also love how emerging new families get woven into the book in a fluid manner. Fun and learning all the way for those tiny family historians, I’d say.

Harshikhaa Udasi, Author, Kittu’s Very Mad Day