DIY Diwali Candle



Kids intro photo
Ved’s Friends and DIY Buddies Ishan and Aman

Meet Ishan – Ishan enjoys Indian festivities especially the delicious delicacies that the festive season brings with it.  He loves playing basketball and American football.

Meet Aman –
Aman enjoys doing crafts and colour, that’s one of his passions. He enjoys reading and watching Indian mythological stories just like curious George.





  • From a paper sheet, cut 3 cm strips and glue them at an angle. Fold the strips in this manner.


  • Now this will form an accordion. Cut the excess paper and then glue the two strips together.


  • Cut a small flame from a cardstock and a larger one of the same shape in a contrasting color
    Larger Sized Flame

    Smaller Sized Flame







  • Stick the two different sizes of flames together.
  • Stick the end of the flame to the accordion and your candle is ready!

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